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Wiki Uploader Features


- The application reproduces the usual workflow of uploading images to Wikimedia Commons with the interface specifically designed for iOS devices.

- The application includes Quick Start Guide, which outlines simple steps required to upload photos.

- The Info button near text fields provides in-place information about the possible content of the information fields and the input expected by Wikimedia Commons website for the images to be acceptable. In some cases, the application also provides link to Wikimedia Commons website with more detailed information.

Selection of Photos:

- The application utilizes custom presentation of your Photos, which allows additional preprocessing of photos. It updates displayed photos if you make changes to your Photos while application is in background. The application identifies photos, which have been already uploaded with the application. If you tap on the uploaded photo, the application allows to navigate to the description page of this image on Wikimedia Commons.

- Long press on the photo shows image fullscreen.

Assignment of Information:

- The application allows select several images from photos stored in iPhone Photos app.

- Within the group of selected images, it is possible to select separate images or subgroups of the images and assign them title, description, categories, or license. In this way, the assignment of information for the groups of photos can be done at once saving time and effort.

- When assigning information to different subgroups of photos, the application displays information relevant for each subgroup.

- The application formats your input and generated information as a text to accompany photo being uploaded. It allows to upload images taken with iPhone by the author and copyright holder of the photo due to the additional requirements, including additional permissions, required by the Wikimedia Commons website when uploading other images.

- Most information required by Wikimedia Commons website for uploaded photo is assigned by the application based on the available data for each photo. This may include date, location, name, description and similar information, if enough data is available for the photo being uploaded.

- The application assigns default license to the selected images and provides several free licenses to choose from if different license is desired.

- When you assign categories to selected photos, the application provides categories suggestions based on previously used categories and those fetched from Wikimedia Commons website. The new category name can be assigned if desired.

- The application automatically resolves naming conflicts.

- To help you monitor that unwanted images are not being uploaded, the application checks for presence of objects on photos, submission of which may be undesirable or may require additional permission to be used on Wikimedia Commons. This includes photos of recognizable persons.

Data Persistence:

- The application persists data entered by you for each photo throughout application restarts.

- The next time the application is launched, it resumes at the stage where you left the application previous time, so that results of your work already done on images is not lost.

- If there is no internet connection available when the upload is about to begin, the application notifies you about absence of internet connection and proposes you to save the currently prepared group of images for later. In this case you can start working with the next group of photos even without internet connection.

- The next time the application is launched, it notifies you if there are photos saved to be uploaded later, which can be uploaded now.


- When the application is in the process of uploading photos, it shows preview and file name of the photo being currently uploaded, with the percentage of the photo that has been transferred to Wikimedia Commons.

- After upload finished, the application displays summary of upload session.

- The upload can be canceled by tapping Cancel button. In this case the application allows navigate back and make changes to the selected images, or select other images.

- The application automatically renames photo if the photo with the same name already exists on Wikimedia Commons website. The application does not overwrites existing files.

- The application prevents uploading duplicate files and notifies you about existence of such file on Wikimedia Commons website.

Browsing Upload History:

- A tap on the upload history item in the list displays larger view of the uploaded image with details for it.

- A long press on the upload history item in the list shows options Copy link to the image description page to pasteboard and Open in Safari.

- When presenting information about previously uploaded image, the application interprets different representations of data returned by Wikimedia Commons to present properly formatted text onscreen.

Network Usage:

- By default, the upload and download of large files using cellular network is disabled in internal application settings. You can choose to use cellular network temporarily to perform specific download or upload action within the application, or permanently by setting switch to On for Use Cellular Network option in application settings.

- When displaying large amounts of data from Wikimedia Commons website, for example, when presenting Upload History, the application downloads only data necessary to ensure smooth experience when viewing the structured representation of the downloaded information.

Input Verification:

- The application verifies the input you provide, such as image title and description, using extensive systems of rules before attempting to submit image to Wikimedia Commons, to avoid errors related to image attributes being blacklisted and file submission denied.

- Some file formats, like HEIF, are not currently supported by Wikimedia Commons. The application converts the images to JPEG format before uploading to Wikimedia Commons.

- The application warns you if incomplete information is provided for the selected images. It helps you assign missing information by preselecting proper images and pointing to the information field which needs to be completed.

- The application automatically resolves many of the common conflicts and errors.


- Login is required by Wikimedia Commons website to upload files. The application provides a way to login to the Wikimedia Commons website and to store credentials on the iOS device. You can log out of Wikimedia Commons website and delete credentials at any time in the application Settings. The application provides a link to the Wikimedia Commons website to create account if you have no account on Wikimedia Commons but wish to contribute.

Data Protection:

- The application uses industry standard practices for protecting your information while it is stored on iOS device or being submitted to Wikimedia Commons website.


- The application is optimized for performance while processing and presenting large amounts of information.

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